Club Membership

You are invited to become a club member for 2023! Price is 50 Eur.

Ways to buy the membership:

  • filling in THIS FORM (you will receive an invoice, to be paid via bank transfer)
  • grynaisiais pinigais savaitinių turnyrų metu Užupio kavinėje (išduodamas kvitas).

List of VCC members

Member benefits:

  • participation on Weekly Blitz tournaments is free;
  • kituose klubo turnyruose (išskyrus Stars & Stripes) taikomos nuolaidos startiniam mokesčiui;
  • availability to particpate in member-only tournaments;
  • separate prizes for club players' category in tournaments
  • VCC membership card.
On membership card back there will be a chess problem to solve, we encourage exchanging these with other members